Küçüker Textile has been offering quality and elegance as a manufacturer of many brands for many years. CASA ‘DORA is a Küçüker Textile brand, in which 80 years of experience in yarn, weaving, dyeing, sewing and excellence in home textile are brought together with consumers.


CASA’DORA designs are created with prime quality natural fibers interprets all frames regarding life with visual, graphical and photographic details in the conditions closest to their originals. It translates aesthetic and fashion synthesis into its own language with natural and technological masterships.


CASA ‘DORA perceives natural forms with digital prints and sophisticated designs by utilizing advanced technology. CASA ‘DORA towels and bathrobes have high performance water absorption; they are new indispensables with conformist forms. A rich selection with its unisex, masculine and feminine alternatives is available in CASA’DORA creations.