Our sewing department includes product groups such as towels, bed linen, sheets, peshtemal, pique. In the towel group, the sewing has a full automat, it takes place in cutting, height and sewing machines. The ironing and packaging department, which performs quality control at the same time as the production is made ready by packing our customers orders to different countries by responding to all special labeling requests.

The most important competitive advantages of Textile and Sewing Industry;
• Quality product,
• High technology use,
• Educational work force,
• to be able to offer new products constantly,
• Fast supply,
• Flexibility according to market needs,

Customer satisfaction criteria has adopted itself as a principle Küçüker Textile, textile industry is an exemplary sewing facility.

Küçüker Textile represents the textile industry with its wide range of products both in the domestic market and in the foreign market, with the awareness that the most important element determining competitiveness is the added value and performance of the country’s enterprises in both domestic and international markets.