Küçüker Textile values the sense of social responsibility in all its activities with respect to human consciousness. In this context, economic, social and environmental aspects are carried out in the community.

The basic social responsibility principles are:

  1. Küçüker Textile pays full attention to all areas of social and environmental responsibility where it engages with its employees, public, civil society organizations, business partners and its stakeholders.
  2. Human resource is the most crucial component for sustainable growth. Küçüker Textile makes sure to reach its employees with honesty and justice while disables any discrimination of race, religion, gender, age, political view and communication.
  3. All employees have the right to work in a safe and a healthy work environment. Thus, Küçüker Textile ensures its employees the highest level of safety in all areas of work environment.
  4. Küçüker Textile implements all necessary improvements and developments to minimize its environmental impact.
  5. Küçüker Textile supports its employees to volunteer in social and community activities.
  6. Küçüker Textile makes sure all its suppliers and business partners act and implement actions in the same social responsibility approach.