Küçüker Textile is committed to prevent negative effects to the environment that may occur during the production process:

  • Adhere the standards of environmental safety issues, laws and regulations
  • Do any necessary effort related to environmental protection and pollution prevention
  • Use products which shows no harm to environment and human health
  • Make all the necessary efforts to minimize waste and optimize recycling
  • Carry on studies and analysis about environmental awareness


Küçüker Textile is using optimal energy production standards committed to energy savings:

  • Meet energy efficiency standards and comply with related laws and regulations
  • Continuous on-site measuring, monitoring, and analysis of related energy records all along manufacturing processes
  • Strict control of actual energy production versus actual energy needed to avoid waste and loses and reduce emissions
  • Raising awareness and employees conscious of energy saving needed throughout the whole production process
  • Aim at a full self-supporting production of energy in our own power plant for a better cost saving and full autonomy in most fair conditions