The fully automated dye-house facility is designed for the use of different types of chemicals and dyes, with a daily production capacity of 130.000 meters of woven fabrics, 20 tons of towel fabrics and 10 tons of yarn dye. Pad-batch dyeing, jet dyeing, rotational and digital print, yarn dyed and Pfd fabrics are perfectly produced.



Yarn dye has a daily capacity of 10 tons for reactive, disperse, indanthrene dye groups where all kinds of cellulose, synthetic, semi-synthetic yarns can be dyed.The yarn transfer department serving here has 20/1 pre-dye and after 7 ton/day capacity.


Jet dyeing has a daily capacity of 20 tons; towels up to 1000 gr/m² can be dyed reactive and indanthrene and interlock/supreme fabrics can be dyed and go under bleaching.

Pad-batch dyeing has a daily capacity of 40.000 meters; bedding, towels, beach towels, velour, garments with different constructions can be dyed.